Thunderbird, paintings, 2018

Rebet focuses on the story of a temple commissioned by the Sumerian ruler Gudea, dedicated to the god Ningirsu and his avatar the Thunderbird. It was believed that the gods sent a divine vision to Gudea, a dream that inspired the building of the temple. Rebet animates this sacred myth, which was found written into ancient terracotta cylinders, unlocking the narrative and spiritual potential within the clay.
Currently the temple site is the fieldwork venue for the British Museum’s “Iraq Scheme” led by archaeologist Dr. Sebastien Rey program’s mission is to train Iraqi archaeologists and international specialists in the detailed techniques and technologies of retrieval and rescue archaeology. Over the past several years Dr. Rey and Rebet have fostered a dialogue, exchanging his archaeological research and her interpretations of the symbolic content of the temple and its artifacts.
According to Dr. Rey, “The modern medium of animation proves extremely relevant as it reflects – I dare say mirrors – the ancient religious ritual of animating votive objects including temple statues, sacred bricks.”

Thunderbird, Bureau, New York, 2018
Escapologie, MACLyon, France, 2021

The Ritual of the First Brick, 2018 Acrylic and ink on canvas 48 × 36 in. (121.92 × 91.44 cm)
Procession to the Lady of Heaven, 2018 Acrylic and ink on canvas 48 × 36 in. (121.92 × 91.44 cm)
Sunset Stage 2, 2018, Acrylic and ink on canvas, 48 × 36 in. (121.92 × 91.44 cm)